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Claude Intl School is the middle school affiliated to University of San Jose, founded by Gosvea and Gocean in 2016. Its motto: Knowledge Is Light. Dr. Claude Wang acts as the president of the school.

Claude Intl School offers courses in three categories: Learning Habits and Action, Creative Thinking (thinking methods training practice, team building and leadership training, creative design) and STEM (robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing technology, APP, IOT).

Regular Course

Claude Intl School offers regular courses in: Robotics (Lego robotics I, Lego robotics II, Crack Fll competition), APP Design (App design essential, App design advanced), IOT (IOT essential, Arduino projects), 3D printing, Creative thinking, and Study habits. These courses are targeted for K-12 students as extracurricular training.

Summer School

Claude Intl School provides summer classes for K-12 students who want to have hands on experience on some hottest technologies. Classes including Lego robitics, App design, IOT design, and 3D printing are project-based and fun-oriented. Through learn, students not only learn the essential knowledge of these technologies, but also get their soft skills improved, such as logic and critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Creative Lab Packages

Claude Intl School offers opportunities to whoever are interested in bringing Claude Intl School courses into your school. We have full package to help you quickly adopt these classes with minimum effort. These packages include hardware, software, classroom management and courseware.

Teaching Assistant Program

Claude Intl School provides opportunities to professionals who are interestedi in assisting teaching Claude Intl School courses, designing STEM curriculum, developing online education platform, or marketing and business related development.

Claudeschool Classroom Plan

Claude Intl School provides collaboration opportunites to schools to adopte a model of mutual promotion. Claude Intl School and its partners collaborate in resourse sharing, including classrooms and teaching materials, thus achieving greater enrollment and revenue