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On OCT 10th 2017, Claude (可豪) Intl School trademark has been granted and registered, with Registration No. 5,304,858.

CLAUDE INTL SCHOOL is a patented trademark  of America Gosvea Education Service Inc registered by United states patent and trademark office.

Claude Intl School (可豪国际学校) is  affiliated to University of San Jose.

Our motto: Knowledge is Light.

Our Service Include: Admission consulting services, namely, consulting in the field of college admissions, specifically, college selection, completing admissions applications, and preparation for college admission interviews; Computer education training; Education services, namely, providing Live and online classes and workshops in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM); Education services, namely, training educators in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM) and providing curricula in connection therewith; Educational services, namely, developing curriculum for educators.

We will strive to provide courses of top quality to the community.

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